About sseymour

In short, I love being able to give back to future generations through my photography and sense of humor. I started shooting B&W when I was in high school working for the school paper. My teacher wasn't a photographer, but she did give me the resources to practice. She made the mistake of telling me, "You can have as much free film as you're willing to develop and book (for the paper)." Big mistake (or not). A few years and several thousand rolls later, I had filled almost every three-ring binder the school had with my images (like business card holders, but for film strips). It's funny, but some of those images are still popping up on Facebook today. As a basketball player and all-around athlete, I wish back then that someone had been shooting the style of images I'm shooting today. Everything was so bland and very "flat". No fun, no emotion, no personal touch, and certainly no style. What I really enjoy is every one of my shoots has its own personality and style. The young adults and kids that I work with are so fun and mostly... very unpredictable. I’m lucky to be on the other end of the camera when their true personalities shine through. At the end of the day, I hope that I've done a good enough job that these images survive. Maybe 30-years from now one of these athletes will be sitting around looking at my images with their kids, saying, “Wow, look at me in this picture! Isn’t that cool?" Here’s to you all and thanks for the entertainment!