How It Works

Shoot includes:

  • On-site or in studio session.
  • No time limit. Usually lasts 45 min – 1 ½ hours depending on schedule and athletes.
  • Images include team, individual, buddy, groups, creative, action, fun and family.
  • Anything else athletes or coaches want to try.
  • All images are posted online.
  • Teams and clubs FREE use of images for websites and promotional material.
  • Check Booking Availability.


  • One-time, flat rate of $25 per athlete. Cash, check (358 Studios), or PayPal. Cash or check is preferred.
  • Printer charges $5.95 flat shipping rate no matter quantity or size. Ordered prints ship direct from printer to athlete.
  • Unlimited full resolution downloads, no cost.

Included per athlete:

  • FREE 5×7 and 8×10 of any image(s). Ships directly from printer to home.
  • FREE, unlimited, web-sized downloads. As many as athletes, friends, and family want. No limit. Share online, use on phone, send to extended family, unlimited.
  • FREE yearbook or program image (where applicable).
  • FREE full-resolution images for team promotions, website, banners, or other.
  • Additional prints and merchandise can be ordered from our gallery website.
  • Coach receives FREE print. Pick a size 5×7, 8×10, or 11×14.
  • Unlimited shots!

How a typical shoot goes:

  • All images display in real-time on a big screen TV (when we shoot in the studio). Great fun for parents to watch.
  • We start with individual images while we wait for all team members.
  • If the team is ready, we shoot the team picture first.
  • After the team picture, we shoot the remaining individuals. We shoot at least one posed individual image of every athlete.
  • After team and individual shots are done I open the shoot to buddy, groups, creative, action, fun and family images. I shoot until everyone is done. At this time, I also announce to the group that if parents or athletes need to leave for another appointment, they are free to do so.
  • Please bring equipment and props (balls, gear, etc.).

Post-shoot timeline:

  • We post “teaser” images from our shoot on Instagram and Facebook as we work on editing.
  • We typically have all images uploaded and ready to print within 3-5 days.
  • An announcement email is shared with the athlete’s parents with a gallery link, and a coupon code for the FREE 5×7 and 8×10.
  • All questions can be emailed to me directly. I’m happy to help.

See a video… a typical shoot.

We LOVE teams… here’s a sample of why people have so much fun at our shoots!